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Organized every year, METAL SHOW & TIB is the # 1 fair in Romania for the metalworking, technologies, and industrial equipment. For 4 days, industry professionals come to present the latest equipment, innovations, SMART technologies, and efficient solutions for long-term business partnerships in this unique and interactive hub.

METAL SHOW & TIB 2022 is the place to be!

Be an exhibitor at METAL SHOW & TIB 2022!

Why miss the opportunity to use the best marketing tool for you? Register for the trade fair, present the products to exactly the audience you need, and you’ll have the best chance of concluding dozens of new contracts!

The Future of Technology

This year, METAL SHOW & TIB comes with an innovative concept that answers the most important industry questions: how looks the market at this moment, what development and purchasing intentions our partners and customers have, how much DIGITALIZATION and INDUSTRY 4.0 influence productivity a factory and many others.

Who were the exhibitors of previous edition?

Meet the METAL SHOW & TIB 2019 exhibitors, the # 1 fair in Romania dedicated to metalworking, technologies, and industrial equipment.

What brings new

  • a new concept focused on those technologies that interconnect devices and lead to SMART manufacturing processes;
  • innovative equipment that improves the factory productivity;
  • SMART MANUFACTURING FORUM, powered by METAL SHOW & TIB, a two-day event with exciting topics and case studies;
  • opportunities for sales, prospecting, and entry into new markets and sectors;
  • a custom registration system, to attract targeted visitors;
  • strategic and creative promotion campaign, distributed on that media channels with the greatest impact in the industry.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

We are in constant contact with the competent governmental authorities to establish the rules and conditions for the development of exhibition events, in the context of the current evolution of coronavirus.

Some of the measures we are already considering are presented here.

METAL SHOW & TIB 2022 is for you,

the one who works in this field:

► metal processing
► mechanical and electrical engineering
► automotive engineering
► pumps, compressors, and components
► industrial suppliers
► civil naval and civil aeronautical industries
► research and development


We are very excited to be able to organize again, after two years of the pandemic, the most important trade fair for the metalworking industry, technologies, and industrial equipment.

All industry leaders will return to the stage and present the innovations during the 4 days of the fair.

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