Testimonials 2022

What did METAL SHOW & TIB 2022 exhibitors said

There is and increased interest from visitors side (…) It is not like three years ago. There is a difference between the interest to visit and to purchase. We are realistic, we know that it is a harder time, but we know that things will grow step by step, and with the Metal Show & TIB there is also a chance to be known in the field. Due to the developing industry in Eastern Europe, there will be a higher demand and we are optimistic for the near future.
Mihai Nica, Manager, Bielda

Mazak keeps investing in many new products, in terms of automation product, in terms of controller systems. We are also developing furthermore the service part and a special part dedicated to digital service, because even the greatest machine is worth nothing if it’s not working.

Bruno Munier, Deputy European Managing Director, Mazak

I waited with interest this exhibition after two years of break (…). We felt the lack of this direct interaction with our clients and partners and that’s why we had no doubt to announce our participation when the event was announced. I noticed, among the visitors, the same interest and enthusiasm on their part to meet with the companies in physical format and they are impatient to see what else has happened in the industry, because the development part has continued and now, we have the opportunity to present it to them.

This tendency towards automation is increasingly present on one hand, because it solves the problems of costs and efficiency, but also because it supplements the labour force requirement. I think that on the labour market there is some difficulty in finding specialized workers and automation helps to discover talents and use them in the points where it really matters.

Lavinia Iclozan, Marketing Specialist, Fanuc

For us, the decision to participate was quite easy for several reasons. After the pandemic period, we felt the need to present ourselves physically, to overcome the online period which has already become quite difficult, and I think we all need to be face-to-face with our business partners. We came up with innovative solutions that we wanted to present physically. We really like the organization of the trade-fair, there are many interesting stands.

There are many professionals who are interested in solutions. We were happy to see many students interested in robotics. Interesting! We came up with a turnkey welding solution – a welding cell.

Alexandru Cuza, Development Director and Robotics Responsible, IMSAT

The decision to participate at Metal Show & TIB trade fair comes at a time when economic and post-pandemic conditions make us think seriously about getting closer to the customer again, to return to normal life. It is a trade-fair of major importance for the economy, for the Romanian industry, and from this point of view, we do not consider participating in this trade-fair an effort. Also, the proximity to the customer and the visitors of this trade-fair is very important for our future relations with them. From the visitors point of view that we had at the stand, I believe that they were strictly interested in our products, in new technological solutions, which would bring them a decrease in production costs in the conditions of an increase in prices as much as possible to energy, utilities, raw materials.

From this point of view, we are continuously supporting them in finding economic solutions that maximize the operational efficiency of their production.

Following this pandemic, we faced major difficulties in the manufacturing industry market regarding the fluency of supply chains.(…) Also, the re-orientation of the market and consumers towards electric cars, towards other less polluting sources are also a challenge for us as well as for our clients. From this point of view, we come up with new solutions, so that we can offer viable and adaptable solutions to market demand.

Lucian Stoleru, Sales Director, Guhring

I think that after this period that we all went through, it was the right moment to meet again with our partners and show them the new technologies that we managed to bring to the market in these two years.

Now we see that the industry is starting to recover, and we consider our solutions to bring a plus to the metal processing industry. We tried to present our hardware and software solutions, and also we managed to present the reverse engineering part together with our scanners.

Moreover we presented hardware products, meaning scanners, as well as tactile measurement systems, and structured light systems. Our motto is to close the manufacturing loop from the design part, with the machining part, after which we finish with inspection and statistical control.

Vicentiu Tomescu, Hexagon Romania Representative, Hexagon

We wanted to meet the public again, after that rather long period in which face-to-face meetings were limited. So, this year we managed to come, to present again solutions for industrialization, robotization, increasing the level of technology in Romania, especially in the areas of reducing energy consumption, industry 4.0, modern technologies.

Interest is growing, we are glad that after a long period we managed to meet with many of our partners. It seems to me that the interest compared with the last edition of 2019 has slightly increased, and I think that I don’t have to give many explanations for this. If you look around, it seems to me that until now there has never been a trade-fair where robotization and automation were so present in most of the stands. We believe that in the future this is the trend that must prevail. We have been doing robotization in Romania for over 20 years and we believe that only a development in this directive is mandatory, but not only island-type technology, but also the interconnection of processes like a smart factory of the future will lead to an increase in the level and well-being of the people in our country.

Alexandru Joni, Robotics Division Director, Robcon

What led us to return to the Metal Show & TIB this year was precisely the period of the pandemic during which no profile exhibition was held and we considered it a very good opportunity. I sensed that many participants would come and that it would be a successful trade-fair. For us every year the Metal Show trade-fair was important, we didn’t miss any edition and we are satisfied with this edition as well.

Considering how the metal market is presented in Romania, more and more manufacturers have tried to go towards automation. The lack of staff led them to automate processes as much as possible. This brought a plus in technology, it also brought us a plus because we were able to show our technological capabilities, the top of the range with which we came to this edition. (…) I think the trend is to automate processes as much as possible in any field (…) The market is starting to transform. (…) The world has moved from traditional solutions to more modern solutions such as 3D printing and we have come up with equipment for this field and I think it is a successful one in the years to come. (…) I think that automation will be increasingly requested by manufacturers because they want to eliminate dead times and make costs more efficient.

Florin Iancu, Sales Manager, Rossler

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