“Trade fairs are the only places where specialists in our field or all those interested can see how the equipment works, what types of operations you can use it for and, why not, how you can develop your business based on the last equipment’s updates.

Of course, nowadays, in the Information Age, you can find technical specifications on a leaflet or on a website, but it’s completely different to see LIVE all the equipment and the solutions they offer. When you see with your own eyes, at a distance of one meter, what a piece of equipment can do, it seems as if your are starting to rotate differently.

METAL SHOW & TIB has proven to be a real technological show, so – without a doubt – this fair’s resumption is a must!”

Ovidiu Gherman, ales Manager Romania AMADA GmbH

“METAL SHOW & TIB is the most important technology fair in Romania. Participating since the first editions, we could notice its increase, both in terms of the participants’ number and as an exhibition space. In the current context, the fairs’ and conferences’ virtualization has become commonplace. But unfortunately, no matter how well organized they are, they can’t recreate that atmosphere of face-to-face discussions and LIVE demonstrations. We are glad that, after a 2-year break due to the pandemic, we will be able to participate in the 2022 edition to present to potential and current customers the latest news on electric arc welding equipment.”

Dorin Matei, Manager CM Metal Trading SRL

“I’m very happy to hear that METAL SHOW & TIB will take place next year. We in the industry need to interact with customers, talk to them face to face, and fairs are par excellence the best places where you can interact with the world and see everything LIVE. We look forward to seeing you again in May 2022.”

Marius Căileanu, Sales Manager TimeLine Consulting

“Technical fairs are par excellence the best places to interact with customers, talk to them face to face and showcase your new product lines and LIVE solutions. This allows us to understand customer key points and we work together to identify and generate solutions.

Participating in such a trade fair means, above all, a very good tool for promoting and developing the business, the customers’, and suppliers’ portfolio, but also an opportunity to socialize with industry specialists.”

Claudiu Bîrlogeanu, CEO CADWORKS

“The first edition of METAL SHOW & TIB was a success for our company, and we consider the event a step forward in terms of organizing a machine tool trade fair. We are glad that after 3 years we could meet again with the people and companies in the industries in which we are actively involved. Our expectations are related to finding a familiar, proactive, and beneficial environment for both exhibiting companies and companies looking for practical solutions for their business.”

Avram Dumitru, Manager PROMA MACHINERY

“I’m very happy that you’ll organize METAL SHOW & TIB in 2022 and that it will be a physical trade fair. Virtual fairs have been and are a compromise solution in this strange time that’s we live in. But no matter how well organized it is, you have to admit that you will never feel at a virtual fair that vibe specific to a physical fair, the face-to-face discussion’s chemistry with suppliers or potential customers, the joy of seeing a colleague you haven’t seen for a few years. Virtual fairs are OK to a point, but I think they’ll never give you that sense of belonging to a particular community. They lack life. “


“We are looking forward to participating again in the METAL SHOW & TIB, which is intended to be organized in physical format because we lacked such an event and we are optimistic that next year will be much more reserved in unpleasant surprises on the side of restrictions. We want the event to be at the level of previous years, if not even bigger, in terms of size and variety of manufacturers and technical solutions presented, to facilitate access for those interested in equipment and LIVE demonstrations of the latest technological innovations. In the last two years, FANUC hasn’t stopped its development. Contrarily, we have a lot of news, new models of robots and machine tools, new generations of advanced equipment, programs, and applications in the IoT area. We will be happy to present them again to our customers in Romania.”

Lavinia Elena Iclozan, Marketing FANUC Automation Romania S.R.L.

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