Your Benefits as Exhibitor

In the shortest time since its launch, METAL SHOW & TIB has gained its leading position in Romania on the metalworking, technologies, and industrial equipment trade fairs list.

For 4 days, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, machines, tools, and systems meet with specialist visitors interested in the field’s innovations.


  • you get in touch with the trends of the metalworking industry, technologies, and industrial equipment in Romania in the new situation created by coronavirus;
  • you know your competitors in the local market and you find out what problems they also face;
  • you develop your customer portfolio and business relationships through direct contacts;
  • you strengthen your relationships with traditional partners, which is absolutely necessary in this period of repositioning in the market;
  • you promote the company’s image in a professional business environment and show the stability of your company;
  • you join the most important brands in the industry, which contribute to the economic recovery during this period, METAL SHOW & TIB being the launching point for trends and innovations in the industry.

Why you should attend METAL SHOW & TIB

  • You get to know the emerging market in Romania, which currently ranks above the European market average in terms of investments. The European Commission’s report from the spring of this year predicts that in 2022 Romania will have a GDP growth of 3.9%, higher than the EU average estimated at 2.7%.
  • Thanks to the 30 billion Euros allocated through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, Romania ranks 4th in Europe in terms of investment intentions in the following year, according to a study by Ernst & Young (EY) Romania.
  • You will be able to find new opportunities for the Romanian market due to the relocation of businesses from Ukraine in the current political and economic context.
  • You will relocate your work in a stable environment supported by generous European assistance packages. Romania is on the fast lane of attracting an investment volume of at least 2 billion euros by the end of the year. According to ONV Law consultants, Romania is on an upward trend in terms of investment attractiveness, with a volume of foreign investments increasing by more than 50% until the middle of the current year, compared to the same period of 2021.
  • You can use the country as a logistics operation center due to the competitiveness of the costs and the labour market supply.

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Project Manager
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Project Manager
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Anca Dinu
Project Manager

Mobil: +40.734.660.673

Irina Topciu
Project Manager

Mobil: +40.744.333.556


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How the scam works: the company sends an order form (by email or even by mail), a form that seems to come from fairs that companies usually participate in. Sometimes, the email is preceded by a phone call requesting the verification of data, to be listed in the online catalog.

EUROEXPO Fairs, the official organizer of trade fairs and exhibitions PACK SHOW, METAL SHOW & TIB, PRINT & SIGN, EXPO SHOP, BABY BOOM SHOW, TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY SHOW, CLEANING SHOW, EXPO PLAST, DIGITAL SIGNAGE SHOW, CORPORATE GIFTS SHOW specifies that it has nothing to do with these deceptive commercial practices and warns exhibitors about the illicit activities of these websites. In fact, EUROEXPO Fairs has for some time been advising the exhibitors concerned, who contact us frequently in matters regarding unofficial exhibitor directories.

Please warn everyone in your company who takes over the emails (including those sent to the address “info @”) or mail, about this scam, do not fill in, and do not return any form came from the International Fairs Directory.

Be careful to check everything thoroughly before signing any form, because thousands of people and companies have been deceived by the owners of these online catalogs: International Fairs Directory, Expo-Guide, Fairguide! The form’s signing leads to the conclusion of a promotion contract (which costs around 3000 euros) with the respective websites, a promotion that has nothing to do with the EUROEXPO Fairs exhibitions. Make absolutely certain that you are completing only legitimate forms, received from the legal organizers of fairs and exhibitions in which you participate as an exhibitor.


The EUROEXPO Fairs Team